How to Order

Step 1

The First step you need to do is visit the homepage of the website where all the products are listed . After that you will see the product like shown in the image on this you need to click on the first button i.e Order Set 1 (Marked in red box). which will redirect you to the product page.

Step 2

We assume that you are now on Product Page here you will see the product info.Now you need to add the product to the cart and for that you will have to click on Add to cart button as shown in the image(Marked in Red box).

Step 3

After Completing the Step 2 (i.e adding products to your cart).
You Will See a Basket/Cart in circle showing the no. of items you added to cart(on the bottom right of you screen). Click on the Basket/Cart and Check Step 4.

Step 4

After Completing the Step 3.
You will see a sidebar showing the products, price & Buttons to Visit Cart, Continue shopping & Checkout.

View Cart : It will take you to the cart page. Here you can see you items , prices and then proceed to checkout from here.
Continue Shopping : It will take you the shop page. Here you will see all the products.
Checkout : It will take you to the Checkout page. Here you need to add billing information, Coupons & Payment options. and can proceed to pay and complete your order.

Image references for Cart & Checkout page are shown below.

Cart Page

Checkout Page