Readroots Reviews

“The appealing visuals and engaging activities of Readroots make it FUN to learn Greek & Latin roots and affixes and use them in creative ways. It’s a tremendous program for vocabulary development!”
Bonnie C., Meriwether Lewis Elementary School

“As an elementary educator, I noticed incoming fifth grade students struggling with spelling and decoding in their English language literacy activities. Readroots has proven to be a valuable, key component of our word building program. Students with varied literacy skills appreciate the ease of learning meaning and formation of unfamiliar words. It is morphology through games and it supports readers and writers who may have limited background knowledge in a topic. The visuals provided generate memorable conversations that allow students to better connect with the usage of the root. Readroots not only engages students to apply grade-level phonics, but strengthens word-analysis skills. I witnessed comprehension improve in my struggling readers, because they were able to break apart the word in root meanings.”

Brandy G., Crozet Elementary School